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The Wedding Business Podcast

Oct 12, 2020

Today I am joined by the talented and much loved member of the Wedding Business Club, Charlotte Argyrou. Charlotte is a botanical illustrator who found her niche in the wedding industry creating beautiful illustrations of bridal bouquets. 

Charlotte might be my only guest who started out aged just 8 years old knowing she wanted to be a botanical illustrator from school age but was deterred by a careers counsellor and initially followed a corporate career. 

Lucky for us she found her way back to illustration and specifically into the wedding industry. 

In todays’ episode Charlotte shares the 5 things that have had the biggest impact on her business, as well as the limiting beliefs that used to stop her from pushing to the next level and how she’s worked to overcome them so they no longer stand in her way. 

You can connect with Charlotte on Instagram @charlotte.argyrou and see more of her beautiful work

If you enjoyed today's episode, come and let me know on Instagram and tell me which of Charlotte’s 5 fantastic tips was your favourite and which ones you’re going to try out in your business.